Om Ram

Om Ram is the spiritual name given by Sri Dharma Mittra to Jordi Canela in his initiation. Om Ram is a yoga teacher committed to passing on the traditional teachings of yoga transmitted by his master.


Om Ram has a multidisciplinary training. He understands the need to learn different disciplines and yoga styles to be able to adapt his yoga to the various necessities of his students. He has learned Sivananda from Xavier Sola and Pilar Ruberte, Vinyasa from Shiva Rea, Ashtanga from Petri Räisänen and Eva Oller as well as Dharma Yoga from Sri Dharma Mittra. He is a devotee of Kriya Yoga and the great avatar Babaji Nagaraj, and is commited to transmit his teachings. He has done a pilgrimage throughout India and the Himalayas, following the one that Babaji did.


Jordi Canela went to Law School and got a Master's Degree in Business Administration. He was part of the special operations squad GOE V San Marcial. He has worked as Club Manager in various fitness centres and as an area sales manager in his family's business. He's the co-founder of YogaOne, a yoga centre oriented towards bringing yoga to as many people as possible, via a conglomerate of different professors and styles, united in a single space.

Jordi Canela has been teaching yoga for almost twenty years, and he has trained with teachers all around the world. He's now part of Yoga Sangha, which aims to spread Yoga internationally, with Jordi leading Europe, Sylvie Tremblay leading North America and Andrei Ram leading South America. He's also been a teacher trainer for over ten years. In the line of promoting spiritual conscience, he has created a project called universalart, which translates the classical philosophy of yoga into art. He's willing to speak about any collaboration project involving spirituality.


Om Ram gives yoga classes in YogaOne and DiR which collect the tradition and modernity of yoga. They're integral classes with include asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. The following is a timetable of his classes:

Start End Centre Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:15 10:10 YogaOne Tuset Hatha I
10:15 11:30 YogaOne Sarrià Ioga Restauratiu Hatha I
14:15 15:10 YogaOne Tuset Open Vinyasa II
14:15 15:15 YogaOne Pl. Molina Vinyasa
18:15 19:15 YogaOne Sarrià Ioga Restauratiu Hatha I
19:15 20:30 YogaOne Mandri Vinyasa I-II
19:00 20:25 YogaOne Tuset Dharma I-II
20:00 21:25 YogaOne Tuset Dharma II-III


Om Ram gives introductory and advanced yoga courses, as well as teacher training courses of 200 and 500 hours in duration. More information about the courses can be found in the YogaOne website.


Om Ram is a yoga activist who offers large masterclasses for charity projects, as well as free monthly introductory classes and yoga classes with live music (kirtan) at YogaOne. As the director of Yoga One, Om Ram organizes the events of the centre. You can find a calendar of the next events cliking here.


If you want to contact Om Ram to give classes or to participate in yoga events, please contact the front desk of the YogaOne centre directly:

Aribau St., 230, 08006 Barcelona
Phone: 930 00 89 00
Open hours: 7am - 10pm